Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silver Jewelry for the Woman of Today

Executive Summary By Shveta Singh

Silver, known for its shiny silver hue, is one of the three basic metals used for producing jewelry. Silver Jewelry has always been a popular choice with women. The present popularity of silver jewelry can be attributed to the elegance and versatility associated with it. Most silver jewelry available as on date is crafted out of sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy containing almost 93% silver and 7% copper.

The seven percent alloy gives the silver hardness and durability. Without the alloy, the silver piece would be too soft to wear. Today, a wide variety of stylish jewelry pieces are available in sterling silver ranging from plain silver to silver crafted with colored gemstones. From a fashion perspective, sterling silver is mainly suitable for daytime wear. During winters, silver gels well if worn with black, blue and other dark colors. Silver in History.

Silver is one of the oldest found metals on earth. A process,"cupellation" was found out in order to extract silver from silver ores around 2500BC.
The term "Sterling Silver", emerged in England by the 13th century. Caring tips for Silver Jewelry Sterling silver jewelry gets tarnished fairly quickly. Silver tarnish is caused by oxidation reaction between the silver, oxygen and sulfur.

Time to time cleaning is required to maintain the silver shine. o Many commercially developed cleaners work well for removing silver tarnish. Explore Silver Jewelry. Today, silver jewelry is available in attractive designs and patterns throughout the world.

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