Saturday, April 24, 2010

Swarovski Crystal

Not to be confused with other manufactures such as Czech Crystal or Bohemian Crystal, Swarovski Crystal is a slightly more superior product, hence it costs a little more. In 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented the automatic cutting machine.

The , Swarovski Crystal range includes crystal sculptures and miniatures, jewellery and couture, home decor and chandeliers. Other coatings include Crystal Transmission, Volcano, Aurum, and Dorado. Crystallized - Swarovski Elements is the new product brand for Swarovski crystals in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. What is Aurora Borealis?

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Aurora Borealis is a thin, vacuum-sputtered metallic coating applied to crystal stones to produce an iridescent effect. What is a rhinestone?
A rhinestone or paste or diamante is a diamond simulant made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic. Originally, rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine in Austria.

Other things sold as crystal and rhinestone are often cut glass that's simply coated and fire polished.
• Active-Crystals-In 2007 Swarovski formed a partnership with electronics giant Philips to produce the "Active-Crystals" consumer electronics range.

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