Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vintage Style Diamond Rings

Engagement rings that were made prior to the year 1950 are what are known as vintage diamond rings. These are antique rings that are both uniquely attractive and have a high market value. No matter the reason these diamond rings are given they are a great gift.

Now that people are thinking of doing different things with their weddings these are becoming popular again. The large price tag is of no concern to those that want these vintage style diamond rings. Those that come from the Victorian era from 1835 to 1900 are considered to be special. The early nineteen hundreds up to 1920 are considered to be important for these rings as well.

During the Edwardian era as the early part of the twenties is referred to they were made with platinum metal. The styles are designed to go with numerous fashions and the antique styles have been separated into several eras and there is value to all of them.

People even collect these vintage diamond rings and it is a worthwhile hobby. Some people make a profitable business investment with them. There are several factors to collecting vintage diamond rings.
  • The age of the ring will play part in the value.
  • The metal that the ring is made from.
  • The way the ring is designed whether it is original or from a past decade.
  • How well the ring will and has held up over the years.
While it is easy to look at a vintage diamond ring and know how well it has aged the other aspect of them will require a closer look. The vintage diamond rings that celebrities own are worth a great deal more.
There are a number of women that choose antique rings that contain diamonds and sapphires in them instead of the usual rings most women pick. There are various places online where vintage diamond rings can be bought. These make a great way for a bride to show their personality. Many people decide to by a vintage style ring instead of spending a fortune for the real thing. These are more modern but they are made to look like the originals. These can be replicas of antique rings or match a specific time in history.

Customization of rings is a one of the biggest advantages of these vintage style diamond rings. The metal, and the stones that go into them can be of your specific taste and no one else's when you have them made. This allows these rings that are often expensive to be within your price range when they are bought. The technology that is used to make these rings automatically makes them of a higher quality than those that were made hundreds of years ago.

There are couples that will buy a vintage ring to take the stones from; these are rings that cost less due to not being in the best condition. They then put the stones in a new imitation of the vintage diamond ring. This is still less expensive than going to the jeweler to get a new ring and the ring is nicer due to the style alone.
Vintage style diamond rings whether they are original or imitation rings are beautiful and they make gorgeous engagement rings.

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  1. Wedding rings that were made ​​before 1950 are so-called vintage style diamond rings known. These are antique rings, both of which are uniquely attractive and have a high market value. Whatever your reason, where these diamond rings are they are a great gift.

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