Tuesday, April 6, 2010

14k White Gold

Top Best Selling 14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Bands
Want to buy a 14k white gold diamond wedding band? Let us talk about 10 best 14k white gold diamond wedding rings.
  • Princess cut 14k Gold Diamond wedding Band. It is elegant princess cut eleven diamond channel set     of   wedding bands. 
  • 14K White Gold Cassiopeia Diamond Wedding Band. There are seven diamonds gleaming. 4. 14K White Gold Diamond 3mm Wedding Ring (.10 ct) Women's Ring. 
  • 14k white gold Diamond Wedding Band of width 6mm. 
  •  Channel Set White Gold Round Diamond Wedding Ring which has eight round diamonds on it. 
  •  14k White Gold Slim Ladies Diamond Bands. 
  •  14k White Gold Round 3 Stone Blue Diamond and White Diamond rings. 
  •  A wonderful ½ carat Diamond Wedding Ring in 14k Gold. 
  •  Diamond Comfort Fit Wedding Band Ring.

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Five Tips When Buying 14K White Gold Wedding Band Rings

During marriage, a wedding ring forms a traditional symbolic gift that is exchanged between partners. The element gold is the most obvious choice for the wedding ring. But there are rings of other metal as well, like platinum, tungsten, palladium, yellow gold, white gold etc. White gold symbolizes purity that is associated with marriage from eternal ages.
  1. Give careful thought to the Jeweler you are buying it from: Only reputed jewelers should be considered. Always remember that 24k denotes 100% pure metal and 14k denotes 58.3% pure. This needs careful thought and time. 
  2. Select the Design and style: In 14k white gold, you can look for various sense and styling like.

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