Saturday, April 3, 2010

Belly Button Rings

Belly Button Rings - Treat Yourself

Belly Button rings have become a special piece of jewelry for women who like to wear tube tops or other clothing that shows off their mid-sections. They find it much more attractive than seeing the natural belly button exposed.

Belly rings can be matched with other clothing styles and jewelry to create a balanced effect.
Some of the most popular pieces of jewelry for the belly rings include either simple navel barbells or curved navel bananabells with dangling pendants or attached belly chains. The history of the belly button ring dates back to the ancient world where body piercings were used to show bravery in battle or to show a person's status in society.

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The idea of wearing jewelry in the belly button may not be as new. If you aren't sure what belly button rings are you can find pictures of them on the Internet. Many women like to wear belly button rings because it's sexy. Guys, we also have to talk to you about belly button rings. A guy with a belly button ring is very attractive to women.

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