Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tungsten Carbide Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay Wedding Band Ring 8mm

Great deal, flashy, 1 of a kind wedding band

I was looking for a special wedding band for my husband being our 1 year anniversary is December 31st, So after looking around all over I came across this one while looking at another I had in mind. This ring caught my eye fast! It didn't take me long to make my decision on this ring.. I placed my order and the ring came only 2 days later!! WOW super fast shipping. It came in a box that was quite bigger to disguise that it was jewelry inside, then I opened the box and inside the box was another box, a jewelry box that held the ring. I was amazed how heavy the ring is and how beautiful it is for the price!! I was so excited I gave it to my husband that same day!! He loves it!!

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He says he likes it better then his original gold wedding band. He says its heavy he can always feel it on his finger and it really sticks out. Our friends and family also love the ring! It is for sure one of a kind!! I've never seen any like this for such a good price!! As we paid over double for a gold wedding band that is not as flashy as this! The only thing my husband says is that the size was a little bigger then the original size 11 he had for his wedding band. So maybe the sizes are a little off on this site? All he needs to do is gain a few pounds and the ring will be snug on his finger! Better a little bigger then too small right? If your looking for a special ring that catches everyone's eye pick this one! You will love it!! Absolutely stunning ring! Very satisfied with the quality of it!

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