Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mens Titanium Diamond Rings Mean As Much, But Never Overshadow Hers

Mens titanium diamond rings are quite the sight, that's for sure. The combination of that space age metal, with a stone that has taken eons to form is stunning on many levels. Many men have been as lucky as to receive a ring like this from their fiancée as what some would call a "men-gagement ring". Some women might hesitate to do so, for a number of reasons:

"Will it make my ring less special?" The whole point, of course, of getting married is not for the jewellery. We all know it, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it every so often. And since when would giving something to someone you love make what you have mean less? If anything, the fact that you are both sporting rings to show your love for each other, and your excitement at being engaged to marry should make those rings sparkle just a little more.

"Is a man-gagement ring too effeminate?" It isn't called a man-gagement ring for nothing. While your engagement ring is a delicate and beautiful work of jewellery/art, the ring you select for him doesn't have to look anything like yours. The diamond will be smaller, and much more subdued. It will be set back in the ring, so that it won't stick out and get in the way when he works with his hands. And the titanium band is hard effeminate. This is the metal they use for supersonic spy planes, secret submarines and the space shuttle, after all. What could possibly be manlier than that? And you should also consider this - a true man is not afraid to express his love, loudly and for all to hear. A ring on his finger can speak volumes, if he is man enough to wear it for you.

"It will be too expensive." You do realize how much YOUR ring cost, don't you? If he is like most men, he has been scrimping and saving for a very long time to get you the best possible ring he could afford. He is in no way expecting that sort of sacrifice from you. But we're not talking about a ring that will cost thousands and thousands of dollars. We're talking about something that, for a few hundred dollars, will allow him to share in your ability to show off his love for his fiancée. How can you put a price on that?

"He doesn't like jewellery." Well, that's because he's never owned any, more than likely. Men are often shy about wearing a ring, because they feel like unless it's earned - like a championship ring or, in its own way, a wedding band - it is a bauble or gaudy decoration. But you are getting married, and chances are, he is going to be wearing a wedding band after you tie the knot. He is going to have to get used to wearing a ring - so why not use this man-gagement ring as a "trainer" ring? Mens titanium diamond rings might seem a little excessive as a training tool, but he will quickly warm to wearing it. After that, the wedding band will be a snap.

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