Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamond ring is very attractive and beautiful jewelry.  Pink is a girl color so it will give a touch of feminine. Woman will love pink diamond ring. With natural colored diamonds the color literally comes from nature.  Natural colored diamonds such as pink diamond are rare, so they can be quite expensive
There are some factor to consider before purchasing pink diamond ring.  It is good to learn about 4 Cs before buying a dimond. Those are color, clarity, carat, and cut.  First you should watch the color of the diamond.  When you buy a colored diamond, the color is the most importan factor to consider.

Best pink diamond should have consistent color.  Carat is related to the size of diamond.  However, bigger size doesn't mean better quality as clarity, color and cut should be also considered as well. The cut is also important in choosing diamond.  Approriate cut will give beautiful shine of the ring.  The cut affect the briliance of the pink diamond ring.  There many kind of cut such as princess cut, round cut, asscher cut, etc.  In buying a any diamond clarity is important to consider.  Diamonds clarity refers to its inclusion of any flaws, cracks, or cloudiness.  In colored stones, clarity is very important, because the cloudiness in a color diamond can affect the diamonds color.

Pink diamond rings could come in a variety of styles.  Solitaire pink diamond ring is very attractive but very rare.  Adding some tiny of other rings surround the pink diamond will give very pretty and feminine accent. Three stone pink diamond rings should be very attractive.
Pink diamond can be set on any metal.  I personally love white gold that it will give good contrast to the pink diamond.  Yellow gold is also great for pink diamond ring.

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